Berducedo to grandas de Salime


What a beautiful day’s walk! After the long mountain day we found no beds in the hostel but- thank god for Manuela she found a double room ‘privado’ for which we paid 25euros. Sheets, white towels etc! I was so exhausted that but for Manuela’s forethought I would have been walking on an empty stomach- my food rules down the drain at 7.30am we breakfasted on cold sweet undecaffeinated coffee and sweet biscuits sin gluten as well as peaches and banana. There ensued a day when almost nothing hurt and I was overwhelmed with the news that tomorrow is HALF WAY! There have been times along this walk when I truely thought I could not do it- now I know I can! I am sooooo grateful. For all the love and support!

Pictures along the way……

My wonder ensalda!
Lunchtime-My wonderful ensalda!

That’s for now!xx


Tineo to campiello

imageA proper update later! Late tired and sad last night but good this morning! Manuela and I have arranged to send the contents of our bags forward with a taxi firm because we are doing a 25 km uphill climb( higher than Snowdon) and we want to achieve it without too many tears! Will iodate properly this evening. Love and buon camino to Julie madly deeply! X

Cornelluna to Espina


As you can see from this picture we have had sunshine for a long beautiful though arduous walk – up up up like Mrs Tiggywinkle. Asturias is full of the most gorgeous baby cows the hills are steep and rolling my prized  regal fern grows wild in the wooded paths. Today has been hard for me but interspersed with lunch with fellow travellers and arrival at a peaceful well ordered hostel – with beds!!!! A good hot shower and a San Miguel to revive the spirits.image

The lady in front is manuela and Caroline  on the left.

just off to get something to eat from the supermercado! Thanks for all your encouragement! And.. Apologies to my darling one as I did indeed find a post from him when I was next near wi fi! Xx



The Italian group of twenty four students had got there before us. Not the most comfortable night but gathering de caffeinated strength for today’s long climb! Traversed 35 kilometres so far. Hope to do 20 today but it is an up hilll all the way. Back a bit touchy but I’m doing the right things. Walking again with manuela and Caroline.

love to you all – will endeavour to speak with you Andrew when I get near wi fi! You COULD post me on my blog!!!image

Leaving the monastery this morning.

Oviedo to esclampero the parting of the ways


Very pleased withe umbrella purchase! Now in esclampero and ems has set up camp in the Picos awaiting her friend Edda. We have exchanged stories on Skype and I am well rested having slept for 4 hours this pm! The mornings walking was fun- there was help from passers by( someone hooted their horn and redirected me as I was about to head off down an inviting but wrong track!), I was greeted with buon camino! -Which made me shed a tear! Esclampero is a very basic municipal hostel but hopefully I will get my smelly clothing sorted out at Grado (town) tomorrow. Back to hostel now as updating blog had been tiring with signal cutting in and out. A note to personal trainer: an inspiring account of preparedness there! Well done! Thanks for your postings dear friends! Love J xx

Oviedo – albergue de peregrinos


Emily holding court!
Emily holding court!

The hostel is now housed on the ground floor of the city’s seminary– we took a taxi from Oviedo bus station and since it was necessary to wait for about an hour until the hostel opened we set to work unpacking and reconnecting darling bianchi! The French gentilhommes were extremely interested in our intrepid daughter and delighted to indulge in badinage with her which she fielded like the accomplished young woman she is!  Gave me cause for reflection!!! Excellent showers at this hostel and we  enjoyed ourselves wandering the old town- having lunch and finding bike bits and an extra fleece for ems. image

So this is Oviedo’s gothic cathedral- it’s very,very impressive and what is more… Significantly and interestingly for me- in it’s obligatory reliquary it has a vial of the Virgin Mary’s breast milk and one of Judas’ 30 silver coins! So the the weft echoes the warp!

as my brother Greg would sing with me- ‘ looking for signs along the way!  ‘

A good night sleep and on to the next post!