As Seixas to Ribadiso

Today I walked alone across the moor beyond As Seixas in the most incredible storm. We had convened in the bar just down from the albergue for morning coffee and like children waiting to step in on a turning skipping rope we watched the wild cyclonic storm swell and recede in great squalls, each taking their own personal ‘moment’ to brave the weather. The storm swelled just as I reached an ascent – so I walked alone through the storm on a wild upland moor. It was truely exhilarating! The wonderful coat Andrew bought for me and my trusty rain kilt kept the majority of me dry but my feet were squelching!

camino walk 526

By this time Manuela was already with her lovely Alberto..

It was improtant for me to get to the town of Melide and get funds. It took forever waiting for HSBC to answer my call so that I could tell them I was in Spain (why did you not do it whilst at home?!!) Eventually the call completed I inserted my card in the ATM only to have it immediately swallowed by the machine. The bank was open so using baby Spanish and dramatic gestures I managed to convey my problem to the bank official and with the production of my passo porto (open the door!) he locked the front door to the bank, opened the machine and handed me my card!

I tried the ATM at Santander a bit further along the street and as that was successful there followed a lunch of Polpo and potatoes swilled down with vino tinto and an espresso! As usual I was not up to the enormous plateful. Melide is where the primitivo joins the Camino Frances and it is pretty overwhelmingly full of pilgrims. Instead of being in your own very special bubble with a handful of chosen companions to hail along the way there are hordes of participants in this very human event. Grump. Not special. Grump grump baaaaaaaaaa!

too too much polpo!
too too much polpo!

However, fuel is what I needed and I steamed ahead grateful to leave the town which disappears quickly when you come off the main road which forms the bulk of the town. The gap between walkers lengthened and walking again was soothing.

camino walk 380storm clouds still passing over the maize

It was lovely to reach Ribadiso – I had chosen it for it’s picturesque setting and the facilities were wonderful. Not much food in my pack and besides I was needing a cooked meal so I headed for the bar up the track a little. Chicken and chips and salad. Very good and some very poor internet access meant that this post has been done from memory at home! (Just for the record!)

storm clouds rolling away
storm clouds rolling away

One thought on “As Seixas to Ribadiso

  1. Hi Jen – just thought to check your blog and reminisce and found this one and thought this was new! Just lovely to hear all about it…. Willow xx


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