Things I have not said-

Well, there are many but waiting here at La Coruna airport cafe with time on my hands seems a good time to complete.

there is such a cocktail of joy and sadness finishing the camino- people meet in such a unique way along the road- everyone is vulnerable and so at some point everyone opens their heart to someone or ones.

Walking to Fisterre from Cee was a lovely walk. A quiet man called Simon from Mauritius who had worked as a nurse in Brighton walked out of the albergue with me to find bread. I was disappointed because bread and salad and fruit had disappeared from my bag in the hostel kitchen and I felt a little vulnerable because I had picked up odd vibes from a tall bearded dishevelled older guy. I asked Simon about him and he said that yes, he was strange but he thought he was suffering mentally and I wasn’t to worry because he was not going to Fisterre. It was Sunday but Carrefour was open in the town centre. We were both delighted to find that there was a Sunday market on and I found bread for the day. He then walked with me for a kilometre or so around the bay until we arrived at the church where we parted. He was such a kind unassuming man and although he wasn’t in his slippers- I thought he was – so to speak!

i have posted some pictures of that beautiful day so why oh why did I not photograph the fish?!!

Walking along the 2k beach towards Finisterre  thinking about not much at all just beach combing -what should I see but a perfect shiny – massively edible, silver fish – with a shinier eye than any I’ve seen at the fishmongers! With feral speed and deep joy I retrieved my trusty opinel, gutted it in the sea- much to the disapproval of a small French audience and bagged it in a spare bolsa! The thing is- I was not to worry, tea was provided. I had had in fact, two opportunities that afternoon- meeting a Spanish man and his son who were passing me down a forest path carrying a good forage of chanterelles! They said it would be easy for me to find some there were many in the woods- I had considered it but I was heading – on a hot day for the sea!

Fear of men and dislike? Everything comes up for attention. The beautiful bay I found myself in and from which you have photo graphs revealed itself to be occupied-only after a long toil down,by two older gentlemen  who had decided for themselves that this was a nudist beach. What to do? Well clearly not strike up a conversation, not take all my own clothes off, not scuttle off in embarrassment- I wanted this beach with an ache in my heart! so I found a corner which looked quite demure put on my scabby long tea shirt and strode defiantly into the silk sea. Many of the photo’s taken have a pause waiting for said gentlemen to get out if frame. So glad I didn’t have my contacts in or glasses on!


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