Santiago de Compostela !!!

Nice Irish fellow walker- Ger ( Gerald))
Nice Irish fellow walker- Ger ( Gerald))

it it was an extremely emotional experience for me arriving at Monte Gozo and looking over the city of Santiago. There is a small chapel there which has those fairground votive. candles that light automatically – however my internal experience super ceded these minor impediments and there were prayers for you all n’ me all! Hope you don’t mind! Ger who is, I think a practising Catholic very kindly left me to it and then we proceeded. Both of us had to stop and be measured for bandage supports at the next available pharmacy- him for his ankle and me my left knee which had decided to play up immediately we were in the vicinity of S de C!

Santiago city is so beautiful- ancient medieval and alive with something more than just commerce since it is a University city. Maybe I should have stayed longer. But cities are expensive.

View from my window in the Benedictine monastery


It was really down to Ger that I ended up staying in the incredible Benedictine Monasterio which overlooks the cathedral. He just marched straight in to this immense building which to me looked like Buckingham Palace. My joy & surprise when I asked (rather sheepishly) at the reception desk whether they had rooms for pilgrims -yes! And the price 23 euros WITH breakfast!

what a breakfast… I made my sandwiches for the rest of the day from the cut and come again spread –

Monasterio breakfast!!!
Monasterio breakfast!!!

I ambled the streets for a bit in the morning, feeling wonderful to be able to leave my belongings behind in my room which I did not have to quit before midday!

I had an idea that I might have liked to stay an extra night but it was not to be – no more space! The pilgrim’s mass was at midday- an extra ordinary experience! A censer weighing I am told around 60 kilos on a rope and pulleys descending around(estimate) 36 feet from the roof- and then they swing it! The full arc! My goodness gracious me!


3 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela !!!

      1. I have had a good walk too. Though I had to contend with blisters, a pack that was too heavy and a sister who is quicker than me!
        The coastline around Anglesey is beautiful, with every day different. The weather was kind, just one morning of rain in the whole time.
        I look forward to seeing you soon.


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