Leaving Santiago de Compostela

Well, this is where having very little Spanish becomes a problem. Having been told that the bus station was 5 minutes walk away- I discover thus not to be true and spend an hour and a half walking all over to find this other bus station on the outskirts of town, missed my bus but am catching one at 18.15 – which is a pity since I would have like to spend this beautifully sunny day in the Galician lanes heading to the sea! It is also Saturday and I needed to get more cash out of an ATM but all the banks are closed! Using an ATM outside a closed bank took some courage following my recent experience! However- praying hard I put the card in and was very relieved when the screen read’ hello Mrs. Jennifer  Hewitt!’ It knows me! hurrah! Money should be enough to walk and pay for bus plus 3 nights albergue accommodation on coast


One thought on “Leaving Santiago de Compostela

  1. So you are heading for the coast and a well deserved little break… You have done amazingly well Jen. Hot flush going on!! Hope you have a good bed for the night and wake up somewhere near the coast. Lots of love, Willow xx


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