Castro Verde to Lugo

Leaving Castro Verde - early morning.
Leaving Castro Verde – early morning.

Left early walking alone for half of the day, then met a woman called Lou from Maine who I had already thought I would like to chat with. We walked the rest of the way to Lugo, sharing lunch and exchanging stories. An inspiring woman, 62, feminist activist and really engaging. I am feeling tired and the big city of Lugo was daunting for me _ elected to cook ‘instant risotto’ on the one ring that worked at the hostel. Two nice surprises- a long chat with Willow and the excellent news about J Cornyn and then my friend Manuela who was still in Lugo with her boyfriend Alberto hooked up with me to introduce us.image


4 thoughts on “Castro Verde to Lugo

  1. Hi Jen…I wonder if you are still in the city. I am thinking about you but then realised not much point in sending thoughts through the ether because they may get lost! So sending love and admiration. May your journey e full of wonder and love. xxx


    1. Thanks for your encouragement sue! Thank goodness I am out of the city at the moment! Joining the main camino Frances in Melide was a complete nightmare of people for me! Just people I know, like me. But I’d been in the woods too long. Not far to go now, having to slow myself down- that’s difficult but tiredness as in today does help! Muchos kisses to you.


  2. Hi Jen – commented on your other post with lovely photos and it doesn’t show up on this page so hope you find it… All been a bit quiet – does that mean still under the weather or perhaps on the your way again? Went swimming yesterday – struggled with chronic fatigue and cramp but carried on and did just 14 lengths in a small pool! Still, pleased overcame a lot to get there and will try and carry on – only telling you because it’s sort of down to you – if Jen can walk 100 miles then surely we can do a bit of swimming! Hope your cold is better and you are rested up and able to take up with the ease of walking you had gained before. Hope the book you are reading provides a good companion on your way.. Much love, Willow xx


  3. Hello willow- I am so pleased about your swimming! Yes, I am on my way and have just tried to load up another post only to have it trashed! The internet connection goes and then loses the work of 35 mins or more! Finding the walking rhythmic and easy the last two days. Walking alone and meeting some good people in the albergues.


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