O Cadavo to Castro Verde

My friend Manuela on departing


Morning mists along the way
Walking through beautiful pine forest


This remarkable little guy was keen to show off his 'gallery' of small roughly made wooden forest artifacts
This remarkable little guy was keen to show off his ‘gallery’ of small roughly made wooden forest artifacts

Okay- so today I have been ‘in transition’ at least that’s what it feels like – saying goodbye to manuela who is finishing her camino today by walking 22k further to Lugo. I woke this morning in the fog that had descended on O Cadavo with a bit of a catarrhal cough so having walked 8k a really beautiful walk through pine forests as the mist lifted I decided to rest. Afternoon siesta as the hostel opened at 1.00pm Now sitting with the cerveza in the warm evening making contact with a new group of peregrinos.
There is a very interesting 14th century keep with no obvious door in it- reminds me of the tarot card ‘The Tower’.
It’s only 22k to Lugo and I hope to make an early start tomorrow as the forecast is for rain. I am not a city bird but it looks as if I will have to brave it for one night. Anyway off to the bar down the road to see if I can pick up enough internet signal to paste up this post. Don’t worry- the afternoon’s rest appears to be working it’s trick.xx


6 thoughts on “O Cadavo to Castro Verde

    1. There are five more days of walking ahead of me! I am booked on a flight from la Corunna to Bilbao on 22nd and having made good time I will walk slower and make shorter stages over the next days! I want to get to santaiago on 20/21st then bus to la Corunna airport. In Lugo now – pretty tired but it seems I could indeed have walked the walk in 16 days!! Xx


  1. Dear Intrepid Traveller……again it’s been so good to read about your last few days…..what an achievement……I hope you’re not feeling too sad having lost your walking companion. Good luck for your 22km, I hope it continues to be beautiful and not too hard if it rains along the route. I bet you enjoyed that beer yesterday!! Love Sue xx


  2. Think there is another 50km at least Susie as was checking the map Jen gave and sure she’s not due back until next week – but correct us if we are wrong Jen…
    You look like you have walked through an awful lot hun and look stronger and more open as a result. Felt like having a chat today (!) so tried to phone but must be still out there or unable to receive calls – we left you a message though. Wanted also to share some news that Iam pleased about – a landslide win for JC as leader of the Labour Party! There is Hope after all!!! Lots of love, Willow xxx


  3. Wonderful to see these beautiful photos and to hear how well you are doing Jennie. I am now on Day 5 of my walk around the coast of Anglesey. It’s very lovely and we’ve had great weather but I find I am a very slow walker! Soooo tired today.
    Keep walking steadily….enjoy the moment!
    Much love


    1. Hello Julie! Well slow walkers see more and have more time to think! Actually it has been almost impossible to do the first part of my walk too slowly because of the competition for beds. Plus the distances between one albergue and another can be long. From Lugo, there are more albergues and I can now go a bit slower and of course it’s raining! Nice to hear from you! Strength to your legs! Lots of love to you Julie! X


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