Berducedo to grandas de Salime


What a beautiful day’s walk! After the long mountain day we found no beds in the hostel but- thank god for Manuela she found a double room ‘privado’ for which we paid 25euros. Sheets, white towels etc! I was so exhausted that but for Manuela’s forethought I would have been walking on an empty stomach- my food rules down the drain at 7.30am we breakfasted on cold sweet undecaffeinated coffee and sweet biscuits sin gluten as well as peaches and banana. There ensued a day when almost nothing hurt and I was overwhelmed with the news that tomorrow is HALF WAY! There have been times along this walk when I truely thought I could not do it- now I know I can! I am sooooo grateful. For all the love and support!

Pictures along the way……

My wonder ensalda!
Lunchtime-My wonderful ensalda!

That’s for now!xx


11 thoughts on “Berducedo to grandas de Salime

  1. Thanks Jen – love to see your landscape photos – amazing one of the right – simply beautiful. Does this mean you are still out there on the big uphill climb or at last somewhere resting? Hope your energy hasn’t completely crashed but if it has, then take the time you need to rest up. Love Willow xx


  2. Just knowing you got a good rest and that you are half way is just so much of a relief – the food looks lovely – don’t worry too much about your food rules as you are needing lots of food to replace the energy used – have whatever you want! Really glad the poles are as much a help as Em said they would be. And it must feel wonderful to know your body has adjusted and is starting to support you. Hoping for that too as we have started using yoga therapy balls to help our neck and shoulders – would have been good to know before you started and then could have got you some for the trip! Much love – Willow xx


  3. That is great to hear that you will soon be HALF WAY. I was going to suggest a day of rest, to not wear yourself out and it might still be sensible, as you are ahead . Getting lots of good food down you will do you good and make you stronger. You can do it. You are doing it. xxxxxxx A


  4. Dear Jennie……what wonderful news, not only are you half way but you’re doing things you never thought you’d be able to do just a few months ago! You’re truly amazing!!! Lots of love, Sue xx


    1. Hello dear friend! I cannot believe the challenge this has been for me but also it is just tempering my sword! Hopefully I will be strong and simple enough to take my challenges without wavering. Thanks for your love. X


  5. Hi Jen – have been avidly following your marvellously brave adventure & can’t believe you’re half-way already!! With all the love & supporting thoughts plus that Taurean grit & determination (HA…….or maybe plain stubborness) you now know you will make it to the end & emerge refreshed & reborn ready to tackle more new pathways. 🙂
    Much love & total admiration, Jo xx

    P.S. I want to download that fantastic photo of sea of clouds!!!!


    1. Thank you Jo – yes the Taurean stubbornness has a lot to do with it and thank god for that! There are many times on this walk where I wish you could all’see what I see’ Glad you liked the sea of clouds! Lots of love to you Jo. X


  6. So exciting Jen! I knew you could do it!!! The walk looks amazing and a real challenge. Make sure you’re stretching and giving your calves ultimate love! Wish I could be with you xxxxxx


    1. Hello sooz- I have made a discovery. – walking boots do not let your tootsies or the arch of your feet move. Having had the mother of all blisters on my left big toe I am now walking in Emily’s tevas – so much easier!x 10 k already this am! Are you at school yet! What a shock after your summer and how are your babies mama bear?xx


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