Tineo to campiello

imageA proper update later! Late tired and sad last night but good this morning! Manuela and I have arranged to send the contents of our bags forward with a taxi firm because we are doing a 25 km uphill climb( higher than Snowdon) and we want to achieve it without too many tears! Will iodate properly this evening. Love and buon camino to Julie madly deeply! X


9 thoughts on “Tineo to campiello

    1. Hello Bridget- absolutely lovely to hear from you! I had an amazing walk- we seem dogged by this huge group of young athletic Italians who fill up all the albergue before we get there! Same thing tonight but we have a mattress on the floor – quite a good one and a warm blanket. The Italians are upstairs in the dorm so it will be quiet, first blister today but it doesn’t hurt now. Really hope you are okay. Love to you. X


  1. Bueno camino…my lovely Jennie! Steve & I are very jealous of this Bueno camino business…
    Such a journey!
    We missed you at yoga tonight…I am sure you’ll do some stretches yoga style…
    Is Emilie not with you any more?Naughty Frenchmen! Be wary of their sweet talks;)

    Your Spanish travelling companions sound lovely…
    Bonne chance with your climb… Sounds v exciting!
    We think about you and send you lots of light and love…
    Valérie & Steve


  2. Ooh Jen! I really hope you’re feeling better? Such a big undertaking, but the body can do it! Your spirit will rise too as it strengthens and takes care of you. I tend to think of my body like a mamma bear and my spirit is little susie, how weird! It kinda works though. Love you xxxx


    1. Well sooz- there have been a few decisions made after a very challenging night following a ‘set’ menu for pilgrims! Soup for firsts soup for seconds and soup for thirds- precursors by fried offerings of meat and fish – very uncomfortable broken night trying not to throw up since the dormitory was full of sleeping pilgrims. Hence the new post pic! Love you mama bear!xx


  3. I hope you make up the Spanish Snowden. At least it might not be raining and crowded like on the Welsh version. Keep going, sweetie-pie! xxxxxxx A


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