The Italian group of twenty four students had got there before us. Not the most comfortable night but gathering de caffeinated strength for today’s long climb! Traversed 35 kilometres so far. Hope to do 20 today but it is an up hilll all the way. Back a bit touchy but I’m doing the right things. Walking again with manuela and Caroline.

love to you all – will endeavour to speak with you Andrew when I get near wi fi! You COULD post me on my blog!!!image

Leaving the monastery this morning.



    1. Thank you sooz! Today has been beautiful walking but hard in my head- trying to imagine just what I could throw out of my sack! Feet okay but my hips! Oh my god! The diagonals are crap! Using voltarol gel. However it’s great stopping for lunch with my walking friends although we are walking solo. X


  1. In my experience when trekking, the 3rd day is always the hardest…slowly gets easier from 4th day on as your body adapts to the new exercise regime and carrying the pack.


    1. Thanks lee- today has been gruelling! The lovely patron of tonight’s hostel says that the rule of thumb for pack weight is one tenth of your body weight- in which case my pack is about 2 kilos too heavy but to make it lighter is an impossibility! X


  2. Crickey, I always reckon on 25% when camping… rarely get much below it. Perhaps you need to put some weight on so the percentage is less!!


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