Cornelluna to Espina


As you can see from this picture we have had sunshine for a long beautiful though arduous walk – up up up like Mrs Tiggywinkle. Asturias is full of the most gorgeous baby cows the hills are steep and rolling my prized  regal fern grows wild in the wooded paths. Today has been hard for me but interspersed with lunch with fellow travellers and arrival at a peaceful well ordered hostel – with beds!!!! A good hot shower and a San Miguel to revive the spirits.image

The lady in front is manuela and Caroline  on the left.

just off to get something to eat from the supermercado! Thanks for all your encouragement! And.. Apologies to my darling one as I did indeed find a post from him when I was next near wi fi! Xx


6 thoughts on “Cornelluna to Espina

  1. Hi Jen – my darling lovely brave sister – really good to see you looking good, sat around a table with food and wine and friends! Three Hallelujahs for the bed!!! Really hoping your hips settle down and get into the groove of all the walking. Liked your description of your surroundings – sounds like quite an achievement managing the distance and hills – well done hun. Hope you have the energy to do some yoga stretches at night after the walking – not if it’s too much though. Lots of love to you, Willow xxx


  2. Yup, I was right in there with the others and their observations, to be forever set in digital stone!
    Main thing — you look lovely, in the photo with your two companions.
    Can I share the latest pig feeding joke to add to the rest? ”Why is it dangerous when you feed the pigs? Because you have to get out the way!” Simple things please simple minds , I can hear someone say.
    Keep on going, you are doing very very well.
    Lossalove, A


  3. Sunshine and baby moods! Heaven! Glad you found a bed Jen, these lovely simple things are so profoundly appreciated when you’re pooped! Lee and I going for a moor walk today, will be thinking of you.i find singing helps 🌻🐴 xxx


  4. Hi there Mum, only just had a chance to read your wonderful posts. It sounds to me like you are having a very fulfilling time and I am so very proud of you! Well done! I hope the aches and pains aren’t getting to you too much and as Willow said, yoga is the key. Went to a restorative yoga class the other day-it was v.slow and defo my kind of thing! Started my art project in Easton last night- it went well. Just on the way to school now…..feeling pretty tired. Hope to speak soon. Please give me a call on skype. By the way my whatsapp has broken. Love you!!!! Xxxx


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