Oviedo to esclampero the parting of the ways


Very pleased withe umbrella purchase! Now in esclampero and ems has set up camp in the Picos awaiting her friend Edda. We have exchanged stories on Skype and I am well rested having slept for 4 hours this pm! The mornings walking was fun- there was help from passers by( someone hooted their horn and redirected me as I was about to head off down an inviting but wrong track!), I was greeted with buon camino! -Which made me shed a tear! Esclampero is a very basic municipal hostel but hopefully I will get my smelly clothing sorted out at Grado (town) tomorrow. Back to hostel now as updating blog had been tiring with signal cutting in and out. A note to personal trainer: an inspiring account of preparedness there! Well done! Thanks for your postings dear friends! Love J xx


5 thoughts on “Oviedo to esclampero the parting of the ways

  1. Lovely to hear/see you Jen – relieved and smiling and teary-eyed at the same time. Glad you are being met with kindness. Good luck – listen to your body and rest whenever you need to – and take the bus if necessary! Lots of love – Willow xx


  2. So good to hear you’re safely on your way Jennie….and to see your smiling face!
    I’m planning to call in at the Crypt later for a time of quiet.


  3. Dear Lovely Jennie…..great to read all your postings today after I got home from London…..marvellous in fact……here’s sending you lots of love xx


  4. I’m glad you are on your way. You’ll soon be there.
    All’s well here. Good luck to you from me and from Coco, who just knows there’s someone missing!
    I hope the sun shines for you! xxxxxxx


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