Oviedo – albergue de peregrinos


Emily holding court!
Emily holding court!

The hostel is now housed on the ground floor of the city’s seminary– we took a taxi from Oviedo bus station and since it was necessary to wait for about an hour until the hostel opened we set to work unpacking and reconnecting darling bianchi! The French gentilhommes were extremely interested in our intrepid daughter and delighted to indulge in badinage with her which she fielded like the accomplished young woman she is!  Gave me cause for reflection!!! Excellent showers at this hostel and we  enjoyed ourselves wandering the old town- having lunch and finding bike bits and an extra fleece for ems. image

So this is Oviedo’s gothic cathedral- it’s very,very impressive and what is more… Significantly and interestingly for me- in it’s obligatory reliquary it has a vial of the Virgin Mary’s breast milk and one of Judas’ 30 silver coins! So the the weft echoes the warp!

as my brother Greg would sing with me- ‘ looking for signs along the way!  ‘

A good night sleep and on to the next post!


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