Train then plane then Spain!

There’s a song in there somewhere! (And yes it will be raining in Oviedo! To those who don’t know it – being silly is one of my favourite things!) Andrew cooked me a wonderful breakfast of fried tomatoes on gluten free bread, black decaf and on my way! Love to you all! Hasta la vista!


5 thoughts on “Train then plane then Spain!

  1. Hello Debs- I have finally found a way to adequately respond to posts- or find them for that matter! I feel I have really neglected you horribly and I would really like to make time to put that right when I return. Love you Debs, thanks for your support.xx


    1. Hello Jen, I know you’ve been busy and were caught up with horrible work things. Thanks so for this message and I do think you are awesome – I was worried like a silly mother hen about you when I first heard but am in awe of what you are doing and your spirited, amazing response. It is great to catch up with your progress on this blog. Love you loads and look forward to speaking. xx


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