A long walk with my personal trainer – Julie madly deeply!

Really it was too long a stomp (4-5 hours without a break) …I learnt a lesson: 2 hours and then rest. However resting in the rain brings the chill in so that was probably why. Also we forgot our water bottles …again! Dreadful. As it was indeed raining I tested out my rain kilt which works well but I’m cross that I cut it too short – much better longer as it deters any scratchy brambles from my ankles – off to sew the piece back on this morning!

No pictures – we were talking too much and the light was rubbish.

Bridge and Nick helped with the bag – no cushy pillow in there now, just taking a pillowcase! plus some other minor adjustments. The bag weighs 2k and the contents 5k – I think it’s the best I can do.

http://www.redeyedmonster.co.uk/circular-walk-from-vowchurch-common/ for those of you who are interested the walk was much like this one with the addition of the route from shenmore and coming back down Stockley Hill.

One day to go.

One thought on “A long walk with my personal trainer – Julie madly deeply!

  1. “Trainer” indeed! The sort who forgets to take water, or anything else useful it seems.

    So glad to hear that you are on your way, Jennie. I hope your first travelling day has gone smoothly.

    I’m pleased to report that I’ve continued with my own walking today and you would have been proud. I took: a waterproof coat (neon bright), a map, a pair of glasses, my mobile, a banana and….a bottle of water. Well prepared? The walk took me through Cubblington to Shenmore and on up the Batch, where the path petered out and I had to turn round as stinging nettles, barbed wire and thickets overwhelmed me. Maybe if you had been with me I’d have battled on! There was rain – plus thunder and lightning and I ended up drenched. Nevertheless, I have arrived home tired but happy.

    Lots of love – you’re in my thoughts and prayers.


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