A figure of eight to madley and back.

Each walk has it’s peculiar nature – I started in a spirit of avoidance and churning bad temper, trapped by the diminishing hours left in the day after chores. A simple walk turned out to present various unexpected but not insurmountable difficulties: Cocoa’s interest in a neighbours bitch on heat, a footpath through a field full of overexcited evening-galloping bullocks with resultant diversion around the uneven side of an uncut barley crop and my own inability to connect with the human race.

I felt great after walking! and the sunset was a painted gift on the home stretch.IMG_1687

On a note of caution – when you buy your bargain rucksack – does it have a rain cover? the weather forecast for the beginning of my walk is 3 days of rain – hence an extra £13.50 on raincover for said sack!


One thought on “A figure of eight to madley and back.

  1. Hi Jen, at last I’ve got round to reading your blog! Immediate reaction:- 2 sides of the Taurean coin…….how brave & courageous you are………& how brave & courageous I’m not!!!!!! 😁 I told you new pathways would now be opening………literally!!!! Go for it gal & look forward to reading the trials & tribulations of the lone menopausal pilgrim. Xxxx


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