A long round about walk from Shenmore and back

My route yesterday took me and my loaded rucksack up Timberline, along a little, over the other side, up again to Vowchurch Common, over to Poston where Andrew used to have his sawing site and then looping back via Stockley hill and back along the ridge to Timberline and home.   See below the view of the home plains…looks like the promised land!

IMG_1676I was very tired at the end of this walk. Then there was dinner to prepare as Andrew was out late sawing…..today I have not been out walking and feel sad for that. We have guests in the shed tomorrow and since it has been fine I have been on mowing cleaning and weeding duties so that Shenmore looks presentable.

I was pleased to have your pole tuition Lee! You and Susie looks so well and wild!

Printed off boarding passes and reviewing the contents of my bag.  A friend has leant me his solar charger – extra weight but a brilliant loan!

Any ideas on how to cut this lot down?

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