I was lost in a way previously unknown

I was lost on path unknown to me having crossed the brook on a way marked stile over   wooden planks- the way disappeared so I followed the animal’s  pathway hugging the hills contour and staying in the shadow of a hedge running uphill, past a ruined barn I found a path – a beautiful track heading west. It was fun being lost if only marginally so and my guess as to where I was heading proved correct- the top of vow church common.image

The start of my walk


The beautiful way!


2 thoughts on “I was lost in a way previously unknown

  1. hey darling Jen, lee and I just read your posts so far and had a thought. Do you have a silk sheet sleeping bag? they pack down to nothing and are lovely protection agains scratchy blankets! I used mine in the refuge on MontValier the other day and it was just the job! let me know, and if you want it I will post to you pronto! Love you Jen! what a wonderful opportunity to commune with nature and find your legs! not to mention your truth.thinking of you……home on Monday 31st…..speak soon!xxxxx


  2. It would probably be really good to have a silk mummy – I am reading a book called:soul encounters and it talks a lot about cocoons and transformation – I am sure if I had a silk mummy it would be helpful!! However, I am off on the morning of Sept 1st to Cambridge to pick up a lift from Em’s friend Ben to Stansted for early morning flight Wednes. – so I will cope with my v. light weight synthetic one. What on earth am I going to do in the middle of the night in a mixed dorm when the hot flush strip off hits!! Speak later today I hope? xx


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