Walking with the poles


It is not as easy as I thought it would be and will definitely need some practice! One of those things you just need to do and not think too much about I suspect. However since I am led to believe that proper use will take weight off the hip and knee joints when you are carrying a rucksack, them I’m determined to master it. All tips gratefully received! Practice with rucksack tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Walking with the poles

  1. Hi Jen.
    You’ve probably already discovered there are many rhythms with the poles. Planted in front together (good for up hills), alternate swing every other step, good for speeding along (I find an alternate swing every step too busy and tiring). Generally length should be from ground to hand with arm by your side and your elbow bent at 90 degrees. A little shorter for uphill and a little longer for downhill (you might also find resting your palms on the pommel on top of the handles useful for steep descents). When you’re traversing a steep hillside grip the uphill pole on the shaft so that your shoulders remain level – you’ll feel more stable and secure. Use this uphill pole for support rather than the downhill one. Finally sometimes one pole is enough and sometimes they belong strapped on your rucksack … you don’t want to look too geeky walking through a town!


  2. Hello Lee, thank you for your advice and support esp: ‘grip the uphill pole on the shaft so that your shoulders remain level’ I think as you get used to them instinct steps in but I am not aware that I had got as far as changing my vice like grip from the handle! Unlike Susie I am not particularly fit and I guess that my walk is going to be a big challenge for me. That plus about 10 major hot flushes every day! great! NEVERTHELESS ….. I am looking forward to it as my feet seem to feel quite itchy! x speak on skype today mebbe?


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