hello lovely family and friends!

August 20th It is twelve days before I begin my walk of the Camino de Santiago – Primitivo route (fly to asturias on September 2nd and start walking on Sept 3rd from Oviedo)  and I am learning, as I sit here at Rosa’s kitchen table in Bristol how to set up a blogsite! (and probably being a very annoying parent!)

Anyway, in case you are interested here is a map of the walk I am intending to complete by Sept 22nd! 329 kilometres, It is exciting if a bit daunting looking at the map, packing and unpacking my bag so that it is light enough. I now know where to pick up my pilgrims passport which will give me the right to use the albergues that are subsidised for pilgrims to use along the way. I have already been the recipient of much kindness from my family with gifts of all sorts to help me on my way. I am so grateful to all of you for your generosity and especially to Andrew whose encouragement and love astounds me.

I am hoping to make and to mark a transition in my life by walking ‘alone’ in or out of the company of strangers. I dedicate this journey to my mother and my story as her daughter – the crypt in Madley church is now guardian of a piece of her artwork as a symbolic act that I offer this story up to God.



2 thoughts on “hello lovely family and friends!

  1. Excited for you Jen. Your sticks should arrive tomorrow and the ‘skirt’! Thanks to Rosa for helping with the blog – it’ll be lovely to read about your trip…. Willow xx


    1. well now you have a picture of me using the poles. I did post a thank you but I’m not sure it has appeared so thank you again. Have not yet customised the Irish rain kilt! will send a pic once I have. Love you. Jenx


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