A long walk with my personal trainer – Julie madly deeply!

Really it was too long a stomp (4-5 hours without a break) …I learnt a lesson: 2 hours and then rest. However resting in the rain brings the chill in so that was probably why. Also we forgot our water bottles …again! Dreadful. As it was indeed raining I tested out my rain kilt which works well but I’m cross that I cut it too short – much better longer as it deters any scratchy brambles from my ankles – off to sew the piece back on this morning!

No pictures – we were talking too much and the light was rubbish.

Bridge and Nick helped with the bag – no cushy pillow in there now, just taking a pillowcase! plus some other minor adjustments. The bag weighs 2k and the contents 5k – I think it’s the best I can do.

http://www.redeyedmonster.co.uk/circular-walk-from-vowchurch-common/ for those of you who are interested the walk was much like this one with the addition of the route from shenmore and coming back down Stockley Hill.

One day to go.


A figure of eight to madley and back.

Each walk has it’s peculiar nature – I started in a spirit of avoidance and churning bad temper, trapped by the diminishing hours left in the day after chores. A simple walk turned out to present various unexpected but not insurmountable difficulties: Cocoa’s interest in a neighbours bitch on heat, a footpath through a field full of overexcited evening-galloping bullocks with resultant diversion around the uneven side of an uncut barley crop and my own inability to connect with the human race.

I felt great after walking! and the sunset was a painted gift on the home stretch.IMG_1687

On a note of caution – when you buy your bargain rucksack – does it have a rain cover? the weather forecast for the beginning of my walk is 3 days of rain – hence an extra £13.50 on raincover for said sack!

A long round about walk from Shenmore and back

My route yesterday took me and my loaded rucksack up Timberline, along a little, over the other side, up again to Vowchurch Common, over to Poston where Andrew used to have his sawing site and then looping back via Stockley hill and back along the ridge to Timberline and home.   See below the view of the home plains…looks like the promised land!

IMG_1676I was very tired at the end of this walk. Then there was dinner to prepare as Andrew was out late sawing…..today I have not been out walking and feel sad for that. We have guests in the shed tomorrow and since it has been fine I have been on mowing cleaning and weeding duties so that Shenmore looks presentable.

I was pleased to have your pole tuition Lee! You and Susie looks so well and wild!

Printed off boarding passes and reviewing the contents of my bag.  A friend has leant me his solar charger – extra weight but a brilliant loan!

Any ideas on how to cut this lot down?

I was lost in a way previously unknown

I was lost on path unknown to me having crossed the brook on a way marked stile over   wooden planks- the way disappeared so I followed the animal’s  pathway hugging the hills contour and staying in the shadow of a hedge running uphill, past a ruined barn I found a path – a beautiful track heading west. It was fun being lost if only marginally so and my guess as to where I was heading proved correct- the top of vow church common.image

The start of my walk


The beautiful way!

Practising under stormy skies

The fields around us are cut to ash gold stubble and after the recent heavy storms steaming wet rows of piled straw follow the contours of the land. Under incredible steel grey skies low lit from bright evening sun I took my practice walk. Those pole certainly give you a workout! Is it necessary to push hard with them though? Or do they do their work with simple placement?